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Kristina Felker

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant


Kristina graduated from Kankakee Community College in 2001 and became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. In 2015 she attended Lincoln College to expand her career becoming a Massage Therapist. While attending Massage Therapy School she worked in a Chiropractic office and was introduced to a different diagnostic evaluation process, and it ignited a fire in her to learn more about movement in a completely different aspect. She opened the doors to Movement Massage, now Renew Wellness, officially in October 2017. As she continued her education she focused on the body-mind connection and was introduced to a group of like-minded practitioners that kept that fire burning, especially during 2020. Diving deeper into the neurological connection she learned how emotions affect pain patterns and how past trauma change functionality. Her attention to detail, listening ear, and background in movement patterns have transformed her sessions. She finds out why and moves forward with intention and purpose getting to the root of the problem. The human body is a machine, it knows what to do if you keep that fire ignited inside it. 

In her spare time Kristina is a wife, mother to a fur baby that is spoiled beyond belief. She enjoys traveling and crafting.

Kristina offers Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Cupping, NKT, AO scan, Raindrop, Functional Neurology, Access Bars, and "Reiki"ssage.  

Amber Bunner

Licensed Massage Therapist


Amber brings an array of modalities to our office. She choose her career in Massage Therapy due to her passion for alternative health and wellness. She became a licensed Massage Therapist in 2010. She had worked in chiropractic, salon and spa settings. She hopes to be able to extend her knowledge, skill, and passion to clients so that each person can be the best version of themselves.


She is a wife, mother of 3 boys and enjoys remodeling her home.

Amber offers Deep Tissue, Relaxation Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hot/Cold Stone Massage, Cupping, Light Therapy, and Body Wraps.

Diane Swanson

CPT (certified personal trainer)

Hand & Foot Reflexologist 


Diane brings over 40 years of experience in healthcare and service to our office. She worked in the community as a Physical Therapist Assistant prior to becoming a Personal Trainer and Certified Reflexologist 2 years ago. She is naturally intuitive, and she strives to expand her skills with Reiki as well as other techniques to offer a rejuvenating session customized for each client. Diane enjoys a challenge and when clients arrive feeling overwhelmed, she is attentive and supportive, that encompassed with her knowledge of functional movements makes for a unique experience. 

In her spare time, she is a devoted wife, mother to 3 boys and has grandchildren she absolutely adores. She is an exceptional baker and loves to sew.

Diane offers Reflexology, Kinesio tape,  Aromatherapy Neck/Scalp Treatment, Low Level Light Therapy (Infra-red.)

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